Monday, February 7, 2011

Review of the Smallest Anthropoids

Nice review in the AJPA of the Smallest Anthropoids: the marmoset-callimico radiation, edited by Susan Ford, Lesa Davis, and Leila Porter. This is a roundabout plug for the book, in which I have a chapter. And I am excited to learn you can get the book in Kindle format!

From the review by Jonathan Perry:
"When I took primatology, callitrichids were (more or less) divided into two groups: marmosets and tamarins. This is no longer the case. As detailed in The Smallest Anthropoids, it is clear that the last two decades have seen a surge in research on callitrichids, especially marmosets. The genus Callithrix has been split into two: Callithrix for the Atlantic Coastal Forest species and Mico for the Amazonian basin species. A new species, Callibella humilis, the dwarf marmoset, was discovered in 1998. Moreover, several new species of Mico have been described. This edited volume provides the current state of knowledge for marmosets and their closest relatives, but we still lack adequate adaptive explanations for many important facets of marmoset biology, from reproductive behavior to morphological variation."

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  1. Thought this was interesting in light of the comment in the AJPA Smallest Anthropoids review that it was hard to swallow Callimico regaining the lost molar: