Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anatomy Education workshop at AAPA 2012?

AAPA folks (undergrad, grad, postdoc, professor, researcher) with an interest or training or teaching career in anatomical sciences: let me know if you're interested in participating in a workshop at AAPA 2012.


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  2. Yes, I'm interested. Are you looking for presenters/discussants or just gauging general interest? I'd be happy to share my experiences with a group - I've taught dental students and now teach undergraduates - and I'm also interested in anatomy teaching development.

    Rebecca Jabbour

  3. I've love to participate in an anatomy education workshop.
    -Claire Terhune

  4. Thanks for the interest. Please send me an email at ruther4d at uic dot edu. I am interested in the following:
    a graduate student who can speak to balancing the intensity of graduate coursework with anatomy coursework

    a postdoctoral fellow who is pursuing a joint anatomy-anthropology track

    faculty with substantial anatomy training who teach in anthropology departments

    faculty with a PhD in biological anthropology who teach anatomy in medically oriented colleges.