Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recording of Science in Anthropology discussion online NOW!

Following up on my call to action, I'm very happy to report that we were able to secure permission from all AAA Science in Anthropology panel participants to record the session, and that we were able to plug directly into the sound system so the recording is very crisp and clean. I've been told that it will be added to the AAA webpage of the recorded sessions; however, that won't be ready until after the holidays. AAA is planning to feature it on their blog and website this week via the iTunes link once that is up so that it won't be delayed. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. Once the podcast is up, please listen, possibly as part of your seminars and lab or  faculty meetings and comment on the BANDIT blog, the AAA blogFacebook, and Twitter to keep the discussion going!

In the meantime, Michigan graduate student Caroline VanSickle wrote a great summary of the discussion as told by twitter.

ETA on November 27, 2011: The podcast has been posted on AAA's blog. Check it out and please share & discuss.


  1. Thanks, Adam. I'm glad we were able to get AAA and the panelists to cooperate. Also, I'm sorry you and I didn't get a chance to talk at the meeting! Maybe in Portland at the BANDIT happy hour?

  2. The podcast has been posted: http://blog.aaanet.org/2011/11/28/science-in-anthropology-session-at-aaas-annual-meeting/


  3. Thanks, Julienne, for keeping on top of this. Now, once I get finished marking this stack of MA student papers, I'll get a cup of coffee and have a long listen.