Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2nd annual Anthropological Anatomy Award at AAPA

Very excited to announce the second annual Anthropological Anatomy Award for the 2013 AAPA meeting. Last year Dr. Alison French Doubleday and I received funding from the American Association of Anatomists (the "other" AAA) to host a workshop on careers for biological anthropologists in anatomy education and research. Those funds also afforded us the opportunity to recognize stellar student research on hot topics in anatomy. This year, AAPA is teaming with AAA to fund a single award for the best presentation on anthropologically-oriented anatomy research. This means that posters will be judged against talks, because we feel strongly that the two formats are of equal value. My email address is in the announcement. Feel free to contact me with questions and submissions (due March 1).

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: You may participate in this competition even if you are already competing in the overall AAPA student competition. No limit!

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Presentations co-authored by students can be considered, but note that the cash prize will be split among the winners. In the case of co-authored presentations, it must be made very clear how each student contributed equally.

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