Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The year that was: Bioanthropology in 2011

I really love the annual "year-in-review" issue American Anthropologist publishes in June. It's a wonderful snapshot of the diversity of events, perspectives, and developments in our field at large. This year's essay on biological anthropology is written by Dr. Kristi Lewton of Harvard University. In Complexity in Biological Anthropology in 2011: Species, Reproduction, and Sociality, Dr. Lewton "demonstrates the natural extension of our scholarly research to modern social networks and illustrates how they may act as a platform by which to increase intradisciplinary engagement and to highlight the complex, wide-reaching, and innovative research that our field contributes to society." It's a fascinating, well-written read.

Track the evolution of our field over the last several years:
2010: Libby Cowgill
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