Friday, May 14, 2010

Field assistant in the DR Congo needed: wimps need not apply

Teague O'Mara of Arizona State University sends this message to the BANDIT community:

Hi everybody!

I'm helping out a friend who is DR Congo now setting up a new bonobo
site (well, old site, new work) at Iyemba. Her name is Amy Cobden
(she's one of Pat Whitten's students) and she's working with African
Wildlife Foundation to get Iyemba up and running again and to collect
data for her dissertation project.

Amy needs a new field assistant. The guy who has been helping her is
leaving in July and she needs someone to help out.

She's going to put this up on the job sites, but she'll pay for food
and camp fees. The volunteer will need to pay for their own airfare
($2500-3000 return to Congo from the US, international flight of
Kinshasa to Basankusu $850 return) and visa fees ($80/mo). A six month
commitment is needed since the site is pretty remote.

She needs someone who is emotionally mature and has some field
experience. This isn't a place for a new person to go to see if they
like field work. Spoken French is a big, big plus.
This site would be
a good experience with working at a difficult to access site.
Difficult logistically, physically, and on the upside financially and
bureaucratically as well (you're sold, right?).

Amy's email address is: She's also CC'd on the
email. If you can pass this along to anyone who would be interested,
we'd both really appreciate it.



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