Thursday, November 4, 2010

20 best blogs for primatology students

Just found out about a great site that rounds up 20 current primatology & biological anthropology blogs, many of them run by graduate students. I've featured some of them here on the BANDIT blog and it's great to see them being highlighted for a broader audience.


  1. I get emails from these sorts of sites all the time. Usually the "online degree certificates" or "top online colleges" company is just trying to increase hits to their site, so they do a quick google search and throw up a handful of sites, claiming (using no actual measures like site stats or popularity) they are the "top 20" or "best 100" blogs in some category. Unfortunately, it's just spam.

  2. With respect, since I'm familiar with most of the blogs listed and agreed with the assessment of the aggregator (and addressed in some detail the one glaring outlier) I thought it was worth sharing. Your miles may vary.