Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AAPA Student Prize Winners!

The winners of the AAPA 2011 Student Prizes have been announced. Congratulations to the many talented biological anthropology graduate students who impressed the judges with their excellent writing and presentations! The future of the discipline is in good hands.

Juan Comas prize: Richard Bender, University of Colorado, Boulder. Stable isotopes (13C and 15N) track socioeconomic differences among urban Colombian women.

Earnest Albert Hooton prize: Vanessa Hale, Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. Evaluation of methods for preserving fecal microbial DNA from the spider monkey.

Mildred Trotter prize: Amber Heard-Booth, University of Texas at Austin. Eye size and locomotion: A test of Leuckart's Law in mammals.

Ales Hrdlicka Prize: Cara Ocobock, Washington University in St. Louis. Daily energy expenditure in highly active humans in a natural temperate environment.

Sherwood Washburn Prize: M. Teague O'Mara, Arizona State University School of Human Evolution & Social Change. The ontogeny of feeding ecology in ring-tailed lemurs.

Pollitzer Prizes. These are awards of $500 in honor of Dr. William S. Pollitzer. They are designed to help students defray the costs of attending the AAPA meetings.

Essay topic:
In the age of personalized genomics, genetic ancestry testing, and medical genetic testing, do disciplines such as osteology, paleontology, primatology, human adaptation, etc., have relevance anymore for understanding modern human evolution and biology?

Pollitzer Prize Winners:

Andrea Baden

Claire Barrett

Michael Berthaume

Nicole Burt

John Crandall

Ileana Diaz

Heather Garvin

Jan F. Gogarten

Lesley Gregoricka

Nanda Grow

Lauren Halenar

Nicholas Holowka

Zachariah R. Hubbell

Gail Hughes-Morey

Heather Jarrell

Sam Kemmis

Alexandra Klales

Alicia Krzton

Sarah Lacy

Denise K. Liberton

Sara Kane Lynch

Charla Marshall

Jaime Mata-Miguez

Monica McDonald

Stephanie Meredith

Emily Middleton

Thierra K. Nalley

Emma Nelson

Teague O’Mara

Daniel Parker

Chris Percival

Laurie Reitsema

Joshua Robinson

Elizabeth Rowing

Aaron Sams

John M. Starbuck

Robert Stark

Natalie Uhl

Vivek Vasi Venkataraman

Fernando Villanea

Darice Westphal

Victoria Wobber

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