Monday, January 12, 2015

Let's get this party started!

Hey there BANDITs. Yes, things have been slow here on the blog but we haven't forgotten you. (See, here we are!) In fact, we are starting our planning for our 6th annual BANDIT party at the 2015 AAPA meeting in St. Louis. Details are in the works but the party will be Friday from 4-6pm, at a local venue near the meeting hotel. This year I want to do something a little different, a little radical: not charge anything to my personal credit card. Crazy talk, I know. But that's where you (please please please) come in.

We have depended on the generosity of private donors for our annual BANDIT event. You can help this year. DONATE NOW and help us have yet another amazing party. The donate button is on the left side of the webpage, making it easy to access no matter what amazing BANDIT post you're reading. (And have you taken a look at the archives lately? Gold. Pure gold.)

Not sure? Let's take a funky stroll down memory lane:
Year 1, Albuquerque
Year 2, Minneapolis
Year 3, Portland
Year 4, Knoxville
Year 5, Calgary

What will Year 6 bring? Only time (and your generous donations) will tell…but it will probably be something like this.

Remember, the DONATE button is on the left side of this webpage. Press it, and let magic happen.

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