Friday, July 16, 2010

Colleen Nyberg is awesome!

Are you looking for a comprehensive text suitable for graduate students in biological anthropology, evolutionary biology, or the medical sciences? Your wait is over...
Fellow BANDIT member and tenure-track newbie at the University of Massachusetts Boston Dr. Colleen Nyberg has a chapter co-authored with Dr. Thomas McDade in the forthcoming text Human Evolutionary Biology. Edited by Michael Muehlenbein and including contributions from such heavyweights as Doug Futuyma, Paul Ewald, and Nina Jablonski, this volume provides the historical, theoretical, and methodological grounding to understand the themes of phenotypic and genetic variation, reproductive physiology and behavior, growth and development, and human health from evolutionary and ecological perspectives. The final chapter by McDade and Nyberg provides a comprehensive review of Acculturation and Health that disentangles the complexities and contradictions in assessing the localized health consequences of globalization. The book is available August 31, 2010. Congratulations, Colleen!

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