Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's do the Postdoc Limbo!

A couple of current postdocs in the biological sciences share their tips for Making the Most of Your Postdoc. Having been a postdoc, I agree with the authors of this piece that constructing a list of expectations WITH YOUR ADVISOR is key to a mutually successful relationship:
"Make a plan. Early in your postdoc, discuss, prioritize, and write down the goals that both you and your advisor hope you will accomplish. That includes research goals, such as the number of publications you hope to write or co-write, and other professional goals, such as teaching experience, organizing a symposium or workshop, writing a review paper, or improving your grant-writing skills. Make sure your plan takes into account your personal and family responsibilities."

I also congratulate the authors for encouraging postdocs to prioritize their non-work life. Striking work-life balance isn't something that magically happens when you're a professor. It's a commitment you have to make to yourself early and often.

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