Friday, March 11, 2011

BANDIT sessions at AAPA 2011

Presumably, you will be spending some time checking out the program at AAPA/HBA/Paleoanth/Paleopath/etc. (Maybe not, I don't know your life.) I encourage the BANDITs to let me know about your sessions, especially if it's a session you organized or were invited to participate in. Let's support each other! I will continue to update and repost this list as I hear from more of you! (Note: I go on maternity leave soon so get in touch ASAP if you want me to highlight your session on the blog!)

TUESDAY, April 12 (Paleanthropology Society)
Lewton KL. Iliac and ischiopubic modularity: implications for the evolution of the hominin pelvis. (poster)

THURSDAY, April 14
Human Biology Association
Reproductive Functioning and Trade-offs, podium session, Marquette V/VI
10:15 Longitudinal changes in testosterone among men transitioning to fatherhood in the Philippines. (podium)
10:30 Diurnal cortisol profiles in pregnancy: Does the pattern of cortisol secretion vary across populations or by birth weight? (podium)

Session and location unknown (does anyone have access to the HBA program? I can't find it online)
1:45 Genome wide association and pathway analysis of segment-specific carotid intima-media thickness phenotypes: The San Antonio Family Heart Study

Advances in Chemical Bioarchaeology. Session 16, Poster symposium with roundtable discussion, poster viewing 1-5 pm, Duluth Room. Co-organized by Kara Hoover and Carrin Halffman; Stan Ambrose, discussant. The roundtable is tentatively slated for Thursday from 3:30-4:30. There will be a flyer with the details at registration and a poster outside the room with details as well.

FRIDAY, April 15
Eating for Two: Maternal Ecology and Nutrition in Human and Non-Human Primates
Invited podium symposium, 2-5:45, Marquette V/VI. Co-organized by Julienne Rutherford and Kathryn Clancy.
Discussants: Pablo Nepomnaschy and Leslie Aiello (This is a BANDIT heavy symposium - check the program for specific talks and times)

SATURDAY, April 16
American Association of Anthropological Genetics:
Ethical Currents in Anthropological Genetics
Podium symposium, 8-noon, Salon C

Ears, Eyes, and Noses: Revisiting the Evolution and Ecology of the Primate Special Senses
Invited poster symposium, 8am-12pm, Duluth Room.
Danielle Whittaker. Chemical communication without a vomeronasal organ: parallel evolution in primates and birds? (poster)

Primate Diet, Health, Ecology and Conservation
Poster session, 10-3pm, Salon D. Recent PhD Laurie Kauffman is on two posters: poster 109: Creating sustainable primate-based based tourism: a view from the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and poster 118: Tourism in Suriname: do monkeys view tourists as predators or conspecifics? (co-authored with Jessica Westin)

Muddles in the Middle: Current Perspectives on Middle Pleistocene Human Evolution
Podium symposium, 1-5 pm, Salon A. Co-organized by Steve Wang and Sarah Freidline


  1. No one is more surprised than I am, but I'll be there too. I am presenting an invited poster in the poster symposium "Ears, Eyes, and Noses: Revisiting the Evolution and Ecology of the Primate Special Senses" on Saturday morning, 8-12 in the Duluth Room. The title is "Chemical communication without a vomeronasal organ: parallel evolution in primates and birds?"

  2. Uh, that's me, by the way (Danielle Whittaker).

  3. Thanks Danielle - I added you. Sorry I won't be there to see you in person!

  4. Thanks! I suppose you'll have better things to do. :)