Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Postdoc in anthro/demography/evo biology

Just got word about a great postdoc opportunity at Durham University (UK):

This position will form the first part of a team working on 'Family matters: Intergenerational influences on fertility', an interdisciplinary research project funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant to Dr Rebecca Sear, combining evolutionary biology, anthropology and demography.

The appointment will begin this project by using existing large-scale demographic surveys to investigate the impact of kin on fertility outcomes in the developing world. The object of this post is to undertake statistical analysis of these large-scale datasets to determine correlations between kin availability and fertility outcomes at the individual level; and at the population level to determine whether kin influence varies systematically between populations according to factors such as economic development, marriage and residence patterns, and levels of mortality or fertility. The post holder will work closely with two additional team members who will be appointed over the year subsequent to this appointment.

The post would suit candidates interested in interdisciplinary work, who are trained in evolutionary biology, evolutionary anthropology, or in a quantitative social science.

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  1. Sir/Madam,

    I have visited this site on June 1st 2011, wherein the postdoc position which exactly suits my Ph.D. Thesis have expired. I have submitted my Ph.D. Thesis on "Anthropological Demography among three Primitive Tribal Groups of Andhra Pradesh, India". It would be my pleasure to state that in future, i hopefully be intimated for such positions.