Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 2011-2012 job season

There are 13 professorial postings currently listed on the anthro job wiki.

Here's my take on the specialty breakdown (note that the total may exceed 13 depending on the job description)-->
Medical anthropology: 1
Human health & disease/Biocultural approaches to disease/Global Health: 3
Primatology: 1
Skeletal/bioarch/paleo: 6
Ecological anthro/ecotourism: 1
Generic bio/physical: 3

The Career Center at AAA lists 10 bio/phys positions and 7 medanth positions. Note that there is overlap between these categories and also that these postings include administrative and other non-academic opportunities.

The Chronicle of Higher Education appears to list only 4 bio faculty jobs.

Good luck!

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