Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I know that post title doesn't make sense but it will. Gradshare looks like a fantastic online community for graduate students. You can find peer-answered questions like:
What is the adviser's responsibility in preparing their student for a preliminary exam? What did or do you expect from your adviser?

What kinds of things can I be doing in my first year as a Ph.D. student to get ahead rather than wasting time?

I am a full time mother to a 7 month old and a full time PhD student. I am so stressed I think I am going crazy. Does anyone have any tips on being a great mommy and a great student if you dont have $$$ for daycare?

I recently published a collaborative article (Yay!) but I'm not sure how to include it on my CV. What is the proper format to give credit to my co-authors on my CV?

See? It's BANDIT for Grads! Grad-DITS! See what I did there? Um, guys??

In addition to the forums, there are dailyish blog posts, one of which linked to Richard Lawler's guide to going to grad school here on our very own BANDIT blog!

Before committing yourself to the academic path be sure to ask yourself Can Being a Lowly Grad Student Kill You?

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