Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BANDITs dominate this month's issue of AJPA!

Wow, three articles in the latest issue of AJPA are by BANDIT members. You know what that is? That is awesome! (As is this.)

We already sent out the early view alerts for these articles by Libby Cowgill (Asst. Professor, University of Missouri)& Herman Pontzer (Washington University) et al., Dan Eisenberg (PhD student, Northwestern University) et al., and Gwen Robbins (Asst. Professor, Appalachian State University)et al., but it's so cool to see all three in a single issue. The whippersnappers are kicking ass!

Cowgill et al.: Waddling and toddling: The biomechanic effects of an immature gait

Eisenberg et al.: Worldwide allele frequencies of the human apolipoprotein E gene: Climate, local adaptations, and evolutionary history

Robbins et al.: Estimating body mass in subadult human skeletons

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